Upgrading the newsroom: AI-powered machine translation makes new content generation quicker and more efficient


Rīgas Viļņi is one of the largest publishers in Latvia and operates several online news portals in both the Latvian and Russian languages. Since the publication of the first magazine in 1957, ‘Rīgas Viļņi’ has grown from a small black-and-white paper publisher to one of the largest publishing companies in Latvia.


Quality news in a fast-changing environment is a challenge for any newsroom or media organisation, in particular, when access to their source is slowed down by the language barrier. ‘Rīgas Viļņi’ was looking for a translation solution that would meet their needs for instant quality translations in-between the Latvian, Russian and English languages and would be available to all staff and seamlessly integrate into their daily processes.


Tilde was able to quickly integrate state-of-the-art neural machine translation systems into their daily workflow without any disruptions. Considering the nature of the media industry, Tilde provided standard NMT engines with a slight focus on public affairs, politics, economics, and lifestyles.


Thanks to the API integration and a user-friendly interface, the staff of ‘Rīgas Viļņi’ can easily access NMT translation systems as a part of their daily workflow. These NMT engines enable ‘Rīgas Viļņi’ to receive instant quality translations of documents and texts in-between Latvian, Russian and English and help to speed up the content-generation process for its vast portfolio of media publications, portals and outlets.


Since we started using Tilde’s MT, our efficiency has increased while new content generation time has decreased. This is exactly what we were looking for. The high-quality translations, and industry expertise, as well as the support and flexibility of Tilde during the implementation process made them an outstanding machine translation provider.” 

Viesturs Šterns, Finance Director