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Make your platform or application fully multilingual by integrating Tilde's language technology services

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Language technology services are the foundation of robust multilingual solutions, which can enable businesses and governments to reach across language barriers. 

Tilde offers a range of language technology services in several areas: machine translation, terminology, proofreading tools, speech technology, and linguistic tools. Available in our cloud platform, these services can be used by developers – through our APIs – to build new multilingual solutions, supporting languages in the digital age. 

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Products that speak your customer's language

Use our language solutions to customize your product for the Baltic market and enhance product experience for local users.

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Accessible services for your language solutions

Simplify development of your own language products with APIs for cloud-based language services.

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Sophisticated multilingual tools to boost the quality of your products

Take advantage of our sophisticated multilingual tools to boost the quality of your language products.

Explore API for multilingual solutions

Tilde’s Translation API

With Tilde’s Translation API, users can access machine translation (MT) systems in multiple language pairs and domains. The MT systems are hosted in the cloud and can be integrated into any platform or application.

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Tilde's Terminology API

Tilde’s online terminology services ensure clear, consistent communication with customers across the globe. With the Terminology API, Tilde provides services that keep terminology organized by identifying terms in documents, finding relevant translations, and assembling term glossaries. These services can be used to build comprehensive terminology solutions.

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Tilde’s Linguistic tool API

With Tilde’s Linguistic tool API, users can access linguistic processing components of text data. The Linguistic tool API provides functionality for the following tasks: text tokenisation, sentence breaking, morphological analysis, part of speech (and for morphologically rich languages also morpho-syntactic) tagging, and language detection.

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Speech Services

Speech is the next step in language technology. Though speech technology already exists for the world’s larger languages – such as English, Spanish, and German – smaller languages are underrepresented. Tilde is currently working on building speech technology services for Europe’s smaller languages like Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian.

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Services for Baltic Languages

Can your products speak Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian? Enable your solutions to reach the Baltic market by integrating our language technology services for the Baltic languages. Tilde has spent years developing the world’s best language technology services for the languages of the Baltic states - machine translation, proofreading tools and speech services. By integrating these services, you'll be able to fully access this key region of northern Europe.

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Tilde Solutions for Baltic Languages