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Tilde MT 

Tilde’s expertise in MT has been recognised internationally through its victories for three consecutive years in the World Machine Translation competition known as the Olympic Games (WMT2017, WMT2018 and WMT2019).

Tilde Neural MT is a state-of-art automated translation process that is based on neural networks that learn from experience. Systems built with neural networks produce more fluent translations than ever before, substantially boosting the level of MT quality and accuracy. When translating, Neural MT systems examine the full context of a sentence, producing more fluent and humanlike translations. Tilde Neural MT achieves this success by taking into account elements like word reordering, dependencies, morpho-syntactic agreements, and other features that are not handled proficiently by statistical machine translation. Further improvements can be achieved by training the engine with the organisation’s own texts or other texts in the same domain.

  • More fluent, humanlike translations
  • Higher translation accuracy and quality

  • Context is taken into account


Tilde neural Machine translation (NMT)