Domain-specific MT systems for IBM

In 2016, Tilde developed a set of multiple domain-specific MT systems for IBM. The systems are used by IBM for translating to and from Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian as well as Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

Using its MT platform, Tilde was able to boost the quality of the Scandinavian-language systems through the integration of in-domain terminology, which the MT systems are successfully able to translate in the correct inflectional forms. This is a particular challenge – and a pressing need – for complex, highly inflected languages such as the Scandinavian, Baltic and Finnic languages.


How we helped IBM boost translation quality

In developing the set of MT systems for IBM, Tilde’s MT team also made sure that company-specific terminology is recognized and correctly translated by the Scandinavian-language MT systems – a special requirement for many enterprise customers. This included:

  • Product names

  • Company-specific named entities

  • Names of specific organizations