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Access the largest terminological resource

Access the largest terminological resource

Get access to millions of terms and their translations from more than 100 resources.

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Create terms manually or automatically, refine, approve, and share them with your team.

Use terms in your working environment

Use terms in your working environment

Work with your terms in your translation tool or content management system.

How Tilde Terminology services can help you?

For Translators

Tilde Terminology helps translators manage and use terms in their working environment.

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tilde terminology services for translators
tilde terminology services for content providers

For Content Providers

Tilde Terminology provides secure storage and management of terminological resources.

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For Academia

Tilde Terminology supports academic programs in training next generation professionals.

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tilde terminology services for academia

Our clients

Corporations and public institutions highly value our extensive terminology resources

Talanted translation professionals, linguists, developers, research and innovation teams works together to ensure unparalleled cloud terminology services. Our customers from all around the world appreciate the effort.

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What our clients are saying

Tilde Terminology is a great innovation for corporate terminology management and term extraction. We can now upload, share, and update mission critical terms on the fly.

Dragoman testimonial for Tilde
Umit Ozaydin
CEO, Dragoman

Tilde Terminology has been instrumental in shaping many terminology management practices while teaching my translation students. They learn about term extraction, automated term translation search, refined collaborative practices, web-search, and more within just one, single cloud platform.

Gatis Dilāns testimonial for Tilde
Dr. Gatis Dilāns
Associate Professor, University of Economics and Culture

Tilde Terminology provides a strong working knowledge of online terms which has greatly aided me working on Trados translation projects throughout the year. I highly recommend Tilde Terminology.

Nora Bessaha-Connolly testimonial for Tilde
Nora Bessaha-Connolly, B.A., M.A.
Translator & Editor, French Linguistic Translations

It's a useful and convenient tool, especially with OmegaT integration available. testimonial for Tilde
Sterios Prosiniklis
Italian and English to Greek translator-interpreter, verified member

It is just handy to have an online terminology management system. Your product has transformed the way we approach terminology management in the group. Excellent product and great team.

LNS Group testimonial for Tilde
Seta Andrianasolo
Technical Documentation, LNS Group