Tilde Terminology Services features

The volume of terminology is growing along with the explosion of information available on the Web. Tilde Terminology Services address the needs of language workers by providing online services for key terminology tasks.

Tilde Terminology embraces the power of cloud computing technology and latest advances in multilingual data processing by developing a collaborative cloud-based solution for multilingual terminology services.

Terminology Services align the speed of terminology resource acquisition with the speed at which content is created in a dynamic working environment.

Keep up the quality of communication

Keep up the quality of communication

Professional and consistent terminology greatly reduces risks for miscommunication and maintains the quality of conversation.

Develop term base tailored for your needs

Develop termbase tailored for your needs

Access millions of terms, develop and store your termbase, and share it with colleagues - all within one working environment.

Save time on menial tasks

Save time on manual tasks

Automate term identification and extraction, collection of domain specific terms and lookup for translations.

Main features of Tilde Terminology Services

Largest terminological resource

Get access to millions of terms and their translations from more than 100 resources.

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tilde terminology services feature largest terminological resource
tilde terminology services feature consolidated interface

Consolidated Interface

Search terms in more than 25 languages and a wide range of domains via consolidated interface.

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Management facilities

Create terms manually or automatically, refine, approve, and share them with your team.

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tilde terminology services feature management facilities

Other Terminology Services features

tilde terminology services feature integration


Work with your terms in your translation environment tool, machine translation or content management system.

tilde terminology services feature linguistic excellence

Linguistic excellence

Term identification and translation lookup of higher quality with linguistic tools, especially for languages with rich morphology.

tilde terminology services feature Secure storage

Secure storage

Cloud technology ensures a safe storage of your terminology, facilities for collaboration, and support for remote work. 

tilde terminology services feature Various formats

Various formats

Support for term identification and extraction, import and export options in all most popular document formats.