Machine Translation - Five Benefits that Make Every Business Grow

Machine Translation
Machine Translation five Benefits that Make Every Business Grow

The main goal of every business is to accelerate its growth and generate profits. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a small family business, a tech start-up, an e-commerce business or an international corporation: higher revenues and smaller costs are the main goal listed in every corporate strategy. How can Machine Translation help your business in achieving these target? Let’s see!

So, first, what does it mean? Cambridge Dictionary says that Machine Translation is “the process of changing text from one language into another language using a computer”. But, to be honest, one has to say that it is an incredibly complex system that makes everyone’s life simpler. A Neural Machine Translation (NMT) system combines the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies to provide fluent, immediate and reliable translations. Now let’s get back to the business and see how it can help you in your business.

1. Make your business grow faster with a multilingual website

Consumers prefer products, if information about them is available in the language they speak. And that’s an undisputed fact. According to a recent study by Search Engine Land, 60% of consumers have made use of the information they have found in online ads and business websites in their native language. Being able to reach your potential customers in their language is an important ability that can become a competitive advantage. Thus, a multilingual website or an e-commerce platform can become the greatest contributor to implementing your growth strategy.

To maintain your website in several languages, you don’t need a team of translators and developers to localize the content, duplicate pages or write complex codes. With Tilde Website Translator, your business site can really stand out: just choose the target language, add a plugin to any website or e-commerce platform and enjoy instant benefits like more organic traffic, more loyal customers, and better sales results.

2. Smooth, fast, and instant international communication

Language barrier often stands in the way of seamless communication. Whether it’s an internal site, an e-mail to a customer, or a help desk enquiry: everyone should be able to understand it, in particular, if you have an international team and customers from many countries.

Tilde MT can be seamlessly integrated into any business workspace – as a plugin for e-mail or CAT tools, or a browser extension. It can even be merged with current platforms used by employees – Tilde API allows to integrate the translation functionality virtually into any platform, product, service, intranet site, etc. By enabling machine translation into your business workflows, the language barrier that might have existed in your international team or in dealings with customers is instantly and effortlessly resolved.  

3. Spend less and get more with machine translation

Some might think that multilingual websites, marketing materials, and hundreds of documents can be translated by internal staff or outsourced translators. And it is true. But when it comes to cost analysis, machine translation is irreplaceable. Further, translation volumes that can be delivered by MT engines are incomparable to the speed of human translators.

A man and a machine make a more productive team. Machine translation combined with post-processing by a professional human translator can increase translating efficiency and significantly reduce costs – mainly due to the time and effort spent on using staff for these routine tasks.

4. Keep your data safe

You can find plenty of free online translators like Google Translate or DeepL, but is it safe to translate confidential information in these public translation tools? Remember that there is no such thing as “unimportant data” and that what goes online, stays online.

By giving employees a safe automated translation system like Tilde Machine Translation platform, you can be sure that none of the information that needs to be translated will become public or will be stored with other parties. Every business must care about the security and protection of proprietary data and intellectual property, as does Tilde.

5. Get everyone “On the Same Page”

If a business has customers or employees all over the world, you must ensure a unified brand identity and terminology. Customization and deep learning technologies allow the MT system to learn how to use certain vocabulary and the data of your business. This allows to deliver much more specific, fluent, and better translations than those produced by generic translation systems. Moreover, collaboration with teammates and customers becomes more efficient.

By incorporating a Machine Translation system into its business environment (in particular, if the team or customers are international), any company can ensure better productivity, lower the costs, improve efficiency of routine tasks, secure faster information exchange, and use every opportunity to develop sales, marketing, and international communication processes. Are you ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial or reach out for more information!

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