8 ways to transform legal translations with the help of machine translation

Machine Translation
An executive using machine translation to speed up legal translations

Globalization offers countless opportunities for organizations to grow and develop, expand into new markets, and attract employees and customers from all over the world. But it also brings challenges, and legal translation is one of them.

Contracts, policies, licenses, confidentiality agreements, and court transcripts are just some of the legal documents that need to be translated to accurately convey the meaning, structure, and terminology of the source document.

The legal sector continues to snowball on a global scale, and so does the complexity of handling an ever-increasing workload of multilingual legal translations. Currently, AI-powered language technology solutions such as machine translation can deliver extensive benefits for this business vertical, making legal translations fast and easy. This technology brings innovation and efficiency to the industry transforming the future of legal translations.


Instant legal translations of large volumes

Cross-border legal translations such as commercial agreements usually mean a lot of… pages. And lengthy process. With machine translation, a never-ending volume of documents can be translated with a single click. And what's really important about legal translations – the original structure and format of documents remain unchanged.

The speed of the translation process has significantly increased due to machine translation. Tilde’s machine translation (MT) platform instantly translates paragraphs and documents of any volume and format, including PDF and web pages. It's faster than making a cup of coffee.


Custom-made translation engines for legal translations

However, it's not just about the speed. The accuracy is everything; that's why general translation engines are not suitable for translating legal documents.

Tilde’s custom MT delivers accurate translations that are tailor-made for the legal domain and terminology. To ensure even better accuracy and translation quality, you can create both company-wide and individual collections of terms on your MT platform – so your team can easily access them and find the required term in any language.


Guaranteed security and confidentiality

You should never (ever!) use free online translation tools for legal translations. What goes online stays online, and no confidentiality can be guaranteed.

By having an in-house translation system like Tilde MT platform, you can be sure that no legal information will become public or be disclosed to other parties. You must take care of the security and protection of proprietary data and intellectual property, and a customized translation platform is the right solution.


The winning human-machine combination

The role of human legal translators is absolutely crucial. While machine translation can deal with most of the translation volume, the "final mile" will always be required from a human. In particular in such areas as legal translation: there's no such thing as a margin of error in legal documents as the quality and accuracy means the difference between truth and misrepresentation.

Human translators can take full control of editing legal translations with Tilde's built-in CAT tool. Translation memories, terminology, and even adaptive technology (Tilde MT Dynamic Learning) can considerably increase the productivity and the speed of any translator.


Faster multilingual communication

Approvals, corrections, changes, clarifications… Communication between various departments and external parties is inevitable when you work on legal translations.

When it comes to multilingual communication, you don't want any language barriers to interfere with your workflow. Tilde's add-on for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and receive translated emails right in the app. For more convenience, you can also integrate Tilde’s API into virtually any platform, product, service, or intranet for a seamless translation functionality, instant exchange of multilingual content, and inclusive daily communication.


Cost-effective translation outputs

Machine translation technology in law firms and corporate legal departments helps experts in understanding and processing legal documents much more efficiently than teams of human translators.

This optimizes the process of legal translation, improves the quality of the service, and, for sure, increases cost-competitiveness. Why? Because your lawyers can focus on providing expert counselling instead of dealing with daunting translation processes.


Multilingual website for a global audience

Machine translation not only helps to facilitate your internal processes, but also offers a huge external advantage. A multilingual website is a must-have for any business looking for ways to boost its clientele numbers and enter new markets.

Tilde’s Website Translator is the easiest way to make your website multilingual with minimum effort. It works as a plugin in your current sites or e-commerce platforms, creating multi-language content in just a few minutes - simply select the target languages and it will instantly translate the content. For quality control, you can review and edit translations with a visual editor. Search engines will index the translated webpages, allowing your customers find your business by organic search in their native language. What’s more - no coding or duplication of pages is required!

Exciting market opportunities, more engaged and loyal international customers, and increased organic traffic are just a few benefits that a multilingual website can offer.


Another step towards digital transformation

We live during a truly digital age, and everything is becoming automated. Multilingualism should be like that, too. If you introduce an MT technology, legal translation doesn't take away any time or money from the core of your business. Just the opposite, you facilitate your translation processes and increase your profits.

Machine translation will continue to provide exciting and transformative opportunities to businesses. The faster you befriend it, the better your performance will become. Why not start now?

Victoria Kononova Tilde

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