Tilde MT special features

Our research and innovation team has over 20 years of experience in language tech development and it also collaborates with partners around the world in projects pushing the limits of MT. 

Tilde MT General Engines

General engines

Take it and use it – as simple as that! More than 50 pre-trained MT systems for various industries are ready to serve your needs right away.

Tilde MT Custom Engines

Custom engines

Precise translations for your success! Custom MT systems can be adapted to your brand identity, domain, terminology, language, and style!

Tilde Machine Translation Dynamic Learning

Dynamic Learning engines

Control your translation! The system learns and adapts during its use by automatically improving engines with post-edits.


Tilde MT data security and confidentiality

Data Security 

Complete confidentiality is guaranteed - your data is neither stored, nor analysed, and gets deleted immediately after you receive the translation.

Tilde machine translation award winning systems

Award Winning MT systems

You are in good hands! Our award-winning technologies will help you achieve excellent results and precise translations!

Tilde machine translation cloud hosting

Cloud hosting

Cloud-based MT services are hosted by Amazon Cloud, which guarantees speed and easy access - anywhere and at any time, from a wide range of devices.

Tilde machine translation on-prem hosting

On-premises hosting

The MT system can be deployed directly in your internal infrastructure – either in a private cloud or in an on-prem infrastructure. 

Tilde machine translation platform

Tilde MT translation Platform

Translate text, documents and websites in a user-friendly translation platform. Equipped with many powerful features to streamline your translation process. 

Tilde machine translation website translation

Website Translation widget

Enable your potential customers to browse your site in their native language! 

Tilde machine translation outlook plugin

Microsoft outlook add on

Send and receive translated emails without leaving the app. Plug-in is available for MS Outlook 365 and 2016-2019 desktop versions.

Tilde machine translation API

Tilde API

Tilde API allows the integration of translation functionalities into virtually any platform, product, service, intranet, etc.

Tilde machine translation CAT tool plugins

Plugins for CAT Tools

Seamlessly integrate Tilde MT in your favourite translation tools – plugins available for SDL Trados, Memsource, MateCat, MemoQ and Wordbee.

Tilde machine translation online CAT tool

Tilde Online CAT tool

Take full control of editing your translations with built-in CAT tool using translation memories, terminology and machine translation.

Tilde machine translation full document translations

Full document translation

Simply upload or drag and drop a file, and in seconds a fully translated document is ready to be downloaded, preserving the original formatting.

Tilde machine translation localisation file translations

Website translation

Translate any website preserving the layout and design, and read it in your native language. No longer can “critical information get lost in translation”.

Tilde machine translation localisation file translations

Localisation file translations

Translate any and every file including tmx, xlf, xlif, xliff, sdlxliff, ttx, html, htm, xhtml, xht, txt, fods, fodp, fods, pages utf-8 or utf-16 coding+d29.

machine translation feature Full document translation

Keep original formatting

Formatting should never get lost in translation. Your specific settings of the original document will stay the same after the translation is performed.

machine translation feature Tag processing

Tag Processing

Complex localisation tags, placeholders and HTML code will be recognised and accurately processed, preserving file integrity.

Tilde machine translation non-translatable handling

Non-translatable handling

Defining any specific abbreviations, place and people names, and other non-translatable words that should not be converted.

Tilde machine translation glossary


Reveal your brand identity within all translations – simply specify your unique vocabulary and implement it as a glossary file in your projects.

Tilde machine translation custom-made glossary

Custom-made glossary

If you don’t have a comprehensive term glossary yet, we can help you make one! All your used terms can be identified and extracted from your documentation.

Tilde machine translation translation memory

Translation memory

Keep your linguistic data and store it in a secure TM (translation memory) so you never have to translate the same sentence twice. 

Tilde machine terminology portal

Terminology portal 

Translate industry-specific terms consistently using shared terminology base, search function, terminology extraction, and management.

Tilde machine translation data library

Data library

Don't have enough data for custom system? No problem. We can draw from our huge multilingual Data Library to improve your MT system 's capabilities.

Tilde machine translation linguistic expertise

Linguistic expertise

Tilde has special expertise in building MT systems for complex, highly inflected languages. We enable smaller languages in the digital age.

Tilde machine user management

User management

Manage the platform’s users and translators, by keeping your role management accurate and the team – “on the same page”.

Tilde machine translation analytics and support

Analytics & Support 

We care about your experience with Tilde, so we provide full transparency and ensure responsive and profesional support services.