Tilde Chatbot solves 96% of received customer requests for DPD Latvia

Case Study
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DPD chatbot case study


Expanding your customer service team once more to deal with increasing number of incoming requests? Introducing customer service team shifts to not miss out on business after office hours? These are just some of the common challenges customer service team leaders face. It can seem like a never-ending loop. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The latest artificial intelligence powered chatbots can effectively handle hundreds, even thousands of customer requests simultaneously in different languages 24 hours a day. 

24/7 customer service  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for parcel deliveries rose to new heights and DPD Latvia, part of DPD Group – the second largest parcel delivery service in Europe - were forced to grow their customer service team to keep up. However, despite each new hire the customer service workload issue persisted. It was time to try a new approach.

Tilde was able to provide DPD Latvia with an innovative solution – AI-powered chatbot able to read conversation context and intent, and instantly provide answers in multiple languages – Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian, which was one of the most important requirements for DPD Latvia. Furthermore, this chatbot is capable of answering hundreds of questions simultaneously 24 hours a day, without holidays! This was crucial for us, because at the height of restrictions caused by the pandemic, our customers would sometimes wait for over 20 minutes on the phone before reaching a customer service representative.

“Tilde offered a solution that ensured the realisation of the project at the same time in all the Baltic countries, which was a very important condition for us in choosing a partner."

Austra Fišere-Oga, Head of Marketing Projects at DPD Latvia 

Improved efficiency

Since the introduction of the Tilde’s developed chatbot solution in April 2021, DPD Latvia hasn’t had the need to expand the customer service team anymore. Meanwhile Didzis, Okis and Martin, the names given to the three chatbots for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian markets respectively, have held over 70 thousand conversations managing to solve customer requests independently 96% of the time!  

It means that only 4% of the conversations started within the chatbot interface had to be taken over by a specialist thus greatly improving the efficiency of the team and saving customer service resources for more complicated tasks. What’s more, each conversation expands the chatbot’s knowledge base letting it improve response accuracy over time. It makes working with the chatbot easier because unlike some other similar solutions currently on the market, Tilde next generation intelligent chatbots rarely repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, you need to put in a lot less effort to keep the chatbot conversations helpful for your customers over time.

Is your team facing similar challenges? Find out how Tilde smart chatbots can help you tackle them by getting in touch with our language technology experts.