AI Chatbot with LLM integration: Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks case

Case Study
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Tilde’s AI Chatbots already serve more than 100 enterprises and governmental institutions in connecting with their clients and customers all over the world. But, the AI Chatbot with Large Language Model (LLM) integration is a truly innovative solution, providing an even more enhanced bot trainer and user experience, as well as improved customer service quality. 

AI Chatbot with LLM integration is a hybrid solution that combines guided dialogue with pre-defined Q&A and LLM-powered question answering, based on the client’s textual data. In this way, the enhanced virtual assistant has a vast knowledge base, built using the selected client’s documents and information i.e., organisational policies, laws and regulations, manuals, customer support information, instructions, training materials, etc. In this case, when users ask a question for which the answer is not pre-defined, it can be automatically generated by LLM, based on the data used to train it.

rnp chatbot

Client: Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks (RNP)   

Industry: Property maintenance and management   

Region: Northern Europe   

Solution: AI Chatbot with Large Language Model (LLM) integration


Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks (RNP) – the largest property maintenance and management organisation in Northern Europe, is one of Tilde’s first clients to adopt this new technology and functionality. As AI Chatbot, Juris, had already proven his value-added, serving RNP’s 160 k customer base, LLM integration was the next step towards building an exceptional customer experience and digitalising the company’s business processes even further. 


The RNP team faced the challenge of managing a vast array of legal and regulatory documents on their website, which were overwhelming in volume but essential for customer queries. The goal was to provide accurate, quick, and legally informed responses to customer inquiries while reducing the workload of the customer support staff. 


In collaboration with Tilde, RNP upgraded their existing AI Chatbot, Juris, with LLM integration. Along with the existing pre-defined Q&A and user authentication solution, the bot is now equipped with the LLM-powered question-answering system, trained with RNP legal documents. 

Now, when a customer poses a question related to legal information, the chatbot first searches its database for a pre-scripted answer. If none exists, the LLM service kicks in, synthesising information from its training to formulate a concise response and add links to relevant documents for more information. This approach not only enhances customer experience but also reduces the workload of customer support staff. 



  • Enhanced customer experience: The AI Chatbot, Juris, now provides instant, accurate responses to customer queries, complete with links to full information, images, and tables, making it a dynamic and intelligent tool. 
  • Automatic text generation: Juris uses LLM to generate automatic responses with links to full information, pictures and even tables, making it more dynamic and intelligent. This is especially useful in helping clients navigate the complex and extensive legal documentation they might need. 
  • Personalised information: When the RNP’s client has logged in to the self-service vortal, the chatbot ensures personalised support, helping with matters related to the specific property or the invoice data. 
  • Reduced Workload: The RNP customer support staff workload has significantly decreased, as Juris handles a substantial volume of customer inquiries, synthesising information from its training data. 
  • Continuous Learning: Juris continues to expand its knowledge base, encompassing all information available on RNP’s website and other sources, thus continually improving its service quality. 


We at Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks are greatly impressed and satisfied with the AI Chatbot, Juris, which is enhanced by LLM integration, and provided by Tilde. Our experience with Juris has exceeded expectations in several key areas, notably in precision, flexibility, user-friendliness, and its ability to inject humour into conversations, which has significantly improved our customer engagement. 

The precision of Juris is remarkable. It effortlessly navigates our extensive legal and regulatory documentation to provide exact, accurate answers to customer inquiries. This level of specificity has not only boosted our customer service quality but also made our clients more confident when seeking information.

Raimonds Reinicāns
RNP Chief Digital Transformation Officer


The AI Chatbot, Juris, with its LLM integration, represents a significant advancement in customer service within the property management sector. By effectively handling diverse user inquiries and navigating the complexities of regulatory documentation, Juris sets a new benchmark in AI applications for customer engagement. This case study illustrates the transformative impact of innovative AI solutions in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. 

How would your company benefit from AI Chatbot with LLM?