Tilde represents the language community in new study on Big Data landscape

Big data , Language technologies , Machine Translation , Terminology

Tilde will represent the language technology community in a new study on the Big Data landscape in Europe. The study, to be carried out as part of the KPLEX project, will culminate with a comprehensive report for the European Commission on the role and status of language resources in Big Data.

As part of the study, Tilde will examine one of the greatest challenges for Big Data: the analysis and processing of multilingual content in unstructured texts. Tilde will analyze the current situation in respect to coverage for language technologies, paying particularly attention to the current state of development of language technologies and tools for EU languages. Research will also be conducted through an analysis of policy documents that address the development of language technology in Europe.

The project's ambition is to describe what aspects of language are removed or overlooked in the datification process, thus hindering the development of full-fledged language technology services and, most importantly, preventing these services from enabling people to achieve deeper insight into the multidimensional aspects of Big Data that these technologies purport to transmit.

Overseen by Trinity College Dublin, the project's consortium will include the Data Archiving and Networked ServicesFreie Universität Berlin, and Tilde. Taken together, the report will help the consortium to formulate clear recommendations for the European Commission, allowing policymakers to draft more comprehensive ICT work packages in the future that bridge the current gaps in language technology coverage. 

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