Tilde invited to present at global media summit

Machine Translation
Gen Summit 2016

Tilde's CEO, Andrejs Vasiļjevs, was invited to present at the Global Editors Network Summit (GEN Summit), a prestigious media-industry conference in Vienna, Austria. The GEN Summit gathered over 600 international editors-in-chief, media experts, and journalists from around the world.

At the Summit, Vasiļjevs joined a panel entitled "How to Produce Multilingual News," where he explained how language technology -- particularly machine translation -- can be used to help media companies reach wider audiences with more multilingual content. The panel was moderated by Christophe Leclercq, founder of the pan-European media network EurActiv.

Machine translation systems developed by Tilde are already being used by the translation department at EurActivk, which publishes news in 12 language for more than 1.4 million readers a month. The systems have helped EurActiv to boost productivity in the localization process.

Other speakers at the GEN Summit represented the most innovative minds in media today and came from organisations such Periscope (Evan Hansen), CNN (Meredith Artley) , Condé Nast (Wolfgang Blau), Die Zeit (Rainer Esser) and Google (Madhav Chinnappa).

View a video of the panel on "How to Produce Multilingual News"