New features on the Tilde MT platform

Machine Translation
New Features of Tilde MT

The latest release of the Tilde MT platform includes several new features that improve the translation experience in the Tilde MT workspace and allow customers to gain more control of their MT systems.

The new features include:

  • Tilde MT Dashboard
  • Untranslated Word Report

In the new Tilde MT Dashboard, customers can check the translation activity of each MT engine. For example, project managers can see how many sentences were translated each day, week, or month, as well as track the usage of MT systems by individual translators.


The activity report is presented in an attractive visual graph that allows customers to gain a full picture of their MT usage and track trends over time. The Usage Dashboard is a crucial tool for keeping track of how extensively MT systems are being used to translate content, as well as to follow how much each user is employing a given system. 

The Untranslated Word Report is an important feature for improving the performance of MT systems. Users can utilize this feature to generate a list of “untranslated words” in a large translation file. These are words that were not included in a customer’s training data for developing the MT system.

The list of untranslated words can then be reviewed by the customer and localized. The resulting parallel data set can then be added to the MT engine, improving the system’s performance.

Both the Tilde MT Dashboard and the Untranslated Word Report are examples of Tilde’s continued commitment to optimizing the user experience and “putting the user in control” of their MT systems.