Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab highlights Tilde's collaboration with EurActiv

Machine Translation
Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab

Harvard University's Nieman Journalism Lab published an article explaining how media companies are utilizing localization and machine translation to publish more multilingual content. The article, entitled "European publishers are teaming together to translate the news to reach broader audiences," details the collaboration between the pan-European policy news site EurActiv and Tilde.

As the article explains, EurActiv and Tilde have been working together to build machine translation engines that speed up the localization process.

"The site translated 2,750 stories last year, but it is working on making the translation process more efficient. The network averages about 794,000 unique visitors a month. One way it’s working to do that is through machine translations. EurActiv is working with a Latvian company, Tilde, that is ingesting tens of thousands of EurActiv’s stories and human translations to teach the computer about the types of stories and language the site uses."

Nieman Journalism Lab describes the collaboration between Tilde and EurActiv as a prime example of how media companies can produce more news to reach a broader audience. "Despite the costs and logistical headaches, all of these efforts...are undertaken with the goal of getting as much journalism in front of as many people as possible."

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