CSA report: Tilde has "simplified access for small language companies" to MT

Machine Translation
Common Sense Advisory

A new market survey by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) on "Europe's Leading Role in Machine Translation" reports that Tilde MT is among a "new breed of hosted MT providers" that has succesfully "simplified access for small language companies [to MT] and enabled them to use it."

The report, published in June by the US-based market research company, described how Europe is "driving the shift to MT." To compile the study, CSA surveyed 900 global enterprises, language service companies about their experience with MT. According to the Executive Summary, "Europe has taken a leading role in the development and implemention of this technology."

Common Sense Advisory points to the increasing importance of post-edited machine translation for meeting growing translation demands and keeping up with the steady rise in content volumes that must be localized. 

"No alternative to MT can meet the needs of enterprises," the study concludes, "and those that do not adopt some form of it will find themselves left behind."

Read the full study here