Tilde Translation and Localization Services


Access the largest terminological resource


Adaptation of a certain product for a specific language and cultural environment.


Access the largest terminological resource


Terminology sets the tone and voice of your content. Get expert terminology review and development before you kick off your localization projects. 


Access the largest terminological resource

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We will format and layout localized materials for your foreign language publishing needs. Tilde offers multilingual DTP service for all European languages.

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle


High-quality translation services to meet the need of businesses and organizations worldwide. 


Manage terms throughout their lifecycle


Extra care and attention for marketing texts that need a creative touch to reach a multilingual global audience.                         


Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Language quality inspection (LQI)

An independent audit to evaluate whether the quality of localized content is in compliance with the customer’s needs.

Use terms in your working environment


Editing of all  translated texts. Editing of customer’s texts.                                         


Use terms in your working environment


Professional translations for movies, series, educational courses, and many other types of video content.


Access the largest terminological resource

Defense and Security

We are one of the few translation providers licensed to work with goods registered in the Common Military List of the EU, confirming the highest confidentiality and data security standards.

Tilde translation and localization

Expertise, Tools, Formats

To ensure the highest quality, consistency, and the shortest deadlines, we use various computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and quality assurance tools. Our teams of linguists can work with:

  • Trados
  • Memsource
  • XTM
  • MemoQ
  • Transit NXT
  • Translation Workspace
  • Xbench
  • Across
  • Wordfast
  • and other, adapting to our clients’ needs.

CAT tools use translation memory (TM) functionality allowing to re-use repeating and previously translated texts in order to save time and cost, and help ensure linguistic consistency across your brand. The built-in and additionally compatible QA tools verify the technical correctness for a perfect and polished result.

With our tools and expertise, we will find solution for localizing any type of content you want, be it unusual file formats, multilingual content, or anything else with technical challenges. Our specialists will help with scoping and preparation so that the localized result is ready for your new markets! We deal with almost any type of file, including:

  • XML
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • InDesign
  • Any Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, or LibreOffice file
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • PO
  • SRT

and are able to provide custom solutions for any other content you may have.

Tilde translation and localization