Largest terminological resource

Lack of resources and insufficient terminology causes translators and content creators to spend more than 1/3 of their time on terminology work. With Tilde Terminology services you can get instant access to millions of terms and their translations from more than 100 resources, saving your time and increasing productivity.

Our collaborative solution allows users to access tremendous amount of multilingual terms from trusted databases as well as crowd-sourced data and user collections. Continues data addition grows knowledge base day by day and ensures that terms stay up-to date.

tilde terminology services feature Largest terminological resource

With terminology quantity matters

Large database with terms tested in practice is invaluable for translation, copyright, and terminology development work. Tilde Terminology Services have that and more.

Tilde Terminology combines data from various resources and includes users in the process of evaluation and validation of new terms.

  • Lookup of translations in existing terminological resources (InterActive Terminology for Europe - IATE and EuroTermBank)
  • Acquisition of translation candidates from parallel and comparable corpora acquired from the Web using linguistic tools
  • Statistical Data Base (SDB) - a large offline resource of automatically extracted multilingual terminology, which is refined by Tilde Terminology users whenever translation candidates are validated
  • Online term extraction from parallel and comparable data sources found on the Web and directed by users


Other Terminology Services features

tilde terminology services feature integration


Work with your terms in your translation environment tool, machine translation or content management system.

tilde terminology services feature linguistic excellence

Linguistic excellence

Term identification and translation lookup of higher quality with linguistic tools, especially for languages with rich morphology.

tilde terminology services feature Secure storage

Secure storage

Cloud technology ensures a safe storage of terminology, facilities for collaboration, and support for remote work. 

tilde terminology services feature Various formats

Various formats

Support for term identification and extraction, import and export options in all most popular document formats.