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Frequently asked questions

What is Tilde Meeting Assistant?

Tilde Meeting Assistant is a language technology app transcribing and translating speech, as well as archiving transcripts. Automating transcription improves efficiency and organized transcripts improve information flow across departments and teams.

How to Use Tilde Meeting Assistant?

You can watch a short video on how to use Tilde Meeting Assistant here.

I still don’t understand how to use it. How can you help me?

Please reach out to us through and we will onboard you providing all the necessary information to successfully use this tool.

What languages does Tilde Meeting Assistant Currently Support?

Tilde Meeting Assistant currently supports English, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Russian languages. The interface also catered to display in the chosen language.

Can I access my meeting recordings and transcripts?

You can access all your recordings using the link here

Can I use Tilde Meeting Assistant on my smartphone?

Tilde Meeting Assistant is available to be used on any device which supports Microsoft Teams.

My transcription is stuck. What do I do?

In the transcription panel use the refresh button and the transcription should resume. If the problem still persists – please reach out to us directly.

Can I use Tilde Meeting assistant if some of the participants are outside of my organization?

Yes. The meeting assistant can be added by anyone who is an active user.

Where do I download the meeting transcription?

The meeting transcript will appear in the chat after the call has ended.

What if there are multiple people in the same room during the same call?

We advise different speakers to be in different rooms to avoid transcription merging, as a single microphone could pick up multiple speakers

How do I invite users to participate in a meeting with Tilde Meeting Assistant?

Just add any call participant as you would on a regular Teams meeting and add Tilde Meeting Assistant to the call.

Can I stop the transcript during the call?

Yes, you can press the button “End Transcription”, if, for example, you would want some sensitive information to be left out of the transcript. You can resume the transcription at any time by pressing “start transcription” and the meeting assistant will pick up where it left off.

We don’t speak any of the languages listed. Are there other languages available?

The list of languages is being constantly updated – if a certain language is not available, we might already be working on adding it. If not – large customers can request a quote for custom models which we can create on demand.

Where is my data stored?

The meeting transcripts are being stored in Microsoft cloud infrastructure or the storage destination of your choice