How can life science translations benefit from AI?

Custom machine translation for life sciences

The life science industry is growing year by year. Many trends such as vaccinations, international medical research, and our desire to have healthier lives and take care of our bodies help life science organizations become increasingly global.

Pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and medical device developers face increasing market demand for information that needs to be provided to global customers, patients, and stakeholders faster and more cost-effective. At this phase, a human translator alone cannot handle the challenge of life science translations and multilingual medical content creation.

Artificially intelligent life science translations

When we think of the process of making medical products available in a variety of multilingual regions around the world, it is, to put it mildly, complicated. Organizations need to have clinical trials and deal with adverse event reports in various locations. Machine translation can help to manage these processes more effectively.

For some organizations, the current life science translations mean a slow, expensive, and inefficient process. Machine translation plays a vital role in optimising many inefficient and manual life science translation workflows such as clinical trials, pharmacovigilance tasks, and many more.

One may wonder if life science translations generated by a machine translation tool can be as accurate and as specific as they must be. The answer is yes. The life science domain is very suitable for high-quality machine translation due to the well-structured language and standardized terminology.

Really? But the language in the life science industry is really specific

Yes, it is. And translators who have expertise in life science translations are highly valuable. We would like to call them real heroes because of their knowledge. But still, even a hero can achieve much more with an MT tool.

The machine translation process is based on translation engines. And for specific domains such as the life science industry, custom machine translation engines are the best choice. These engines are trained in very narrow fields and with industry-specific terminology and lots of data. Tilde’s custom MT delivers accurate and tailored life science translations that are adapted to your brand identity, domain, and specific vocabulary.

The most significant benefit of machine translation is its ability to dramatically reduce staff workload, allowing them to focus on the most important: fine-tuning the translation and making sure that the text is culturally understandable and allows to provide better care to patients.

Even more benefits from MT-powered life science translations

Comprehensive translation platform

Although quality is the main priority of life science translations, ease of use is essential as well. Tilde’s MT translation platform featuring an integrated CAT tool and other functionality allows your team to instantly translate texts, documents, and even websites on a user-friendly translation platform. Regardless of complexity or volume, the documents you upload are translated by maintaining the same format and layout for you not to waste even a minute on correcting the fonts and tabs.

Complete data protection and security

Almost all documents that need to be translated in the life science industry are highly confidential. However, if employees do not have a secure translation option, they tend to use free online translation services. In such situations, confidential information may become public, and the company may suffer considerable harm. That’s why it’s crucial to empower the team with an internal machine translation platform.

Terminology management in one place

Due to specific terminology, documents of most international life science organizations are translated internally. This requires an advanced terminology management system that covers the entire spectrum of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Terminology collections can be regularly maintained, transferred, and updated to consistently ensure correct translation of terms and the integrity of translations by storing all terms in a single system.

Fast multilingual communication

Communication between staff members, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities is another step in this process. You do not want any language barriers to interrupt your workflows. Tilde’s add-on for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and receive translated emails right in the app. For even more convenience, integrate Tilde’s APIs into virtually any platform, product, service, or intranet for a seamless translation functionality, fast multilingual content exchange, and inclusive everyday communication.

Transformative effect of machine translation

Life science translations powered by custom machine translation solutions have a transformative effect on how businesses deal with multilingual content. It speeds up the translation process, increases the volume of documentation your organization can process, makes the employees more productive, and significantly reduces the translation costs of life science organizations.

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