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Tilde’s expertise in language technologies is recognised across Europe; among developing customised solutions for various institutions and administrations, Tilde has also supported the Presidencies of the Council of the European Union since 2015 including Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Finland and Croatia.

Tilde’s language technologies include award-winning neural machine translation (NMT), language data storage, speech recognition and speech synthesis, as well as a range of other tools for supporting multilingual features in e-services. Customised solutions tailored to the specific needs of your administration will help you to cross language barriers and enable multilingualism in the digital age. Schedule a consultation to discuss how Tilde’s language technologies can advance your administration.

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Step #1: Consultation 

During consultation, we will discuss AI-powered language technologies and their capabilities and define your challenges and needs. 

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Step #2: Tilde develops a custom solution

After reviewing your requirements and the available data (translation memories, parallel corpora, monolingual data, glossaries, etc.)*, our team will develop a customised solution that is adapted to the specific needs of your administration.

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Step #3: Evaluate the pilot system

Your team will test the system providing feedback on engine performance and quality evaluation while our team provides full ongoing customer support. When the solution is fine-tuned and you are satisfied with the performance and quality, Tilde will commercially launch a customised language solution for your administration. 

* Data will be treated as confidential information. In handling data, Tilde will refrain from disclosing, reproducing, summarizing or distributing client data.