Customised Free Trial

A machine translation solution that is customised to fulfil your business needs will help you reach across language barriers, address global customers, facilitate fast and secure multilingual internal and external communication and improve customer service, while providing complete security and protection of your data and intellectual property.

We are offering a 14 day trial for custom MT systems, developed with our full-service MT platform. Systems are built with the data you provide, in addition to resources from our vast multilingual data repository. To get started, schedule a consultation!


Schedule your consultation

Access the largest terminological resource

Step #1: Consultation 

During the consultation, we will discuss machine translation and its capabilities, define your business needs and system requirements (language/ domain/ integration) and agree on an MT solution that is customised to fulfil your business needs.

Manage terms throughout their lifecycle

Step #2: Tilde develops a custom solution 

After review of your available data (translation memories, parallel corpora, monolingual data, glossaries, etc.)*, our team processes (i.e. cleans, aligns, formats) the data for MT training, integrates your terminology and language-specific linguistic components and develops the pilot MT system.

Use terms in your working environment

Step #3: Evaluate the pilot system

You test the system for 14 days, providing feedback on engine performance and quality evaluation. During your trial, our team provides full ongoing customer support. When the trial ends, Tilde will commercially launch customised MT for your business.

* Data will be treated as confidential information. In handling data, Tilde will refrain from disclosing, reproducing, summarising, or distributing client data.