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The demand for translation services is growing every year and professional translators are getting an overwhelming number of translation requests from both LSPs and direct clients. It can be hard to keep up with the growing demand which can result in turning down many prospective projects.

Professional translators must look for solutions that can help them accelerate their translation efficiency. Professional translators used to view machine translation as a threat - they believed it produces poor translations and takes away jobs. Recently that has changed. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, neural machine translation (NMT) has emerged and proved itself as a valuable tool for translators looking to boost their productivity. NMT systems examine the full context of a sentence, producing high quality translations that are almost humanlike in style. Instead of replacing human translators, MT enables translators to work more effectively, take on more projects and increase monthly income.


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Increased translation capacity and turnaround time

Tilde MT has been proven to help professional translators work 35% faster, boosting productivity and efficiency. 

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CAT Tool Integration

Tilde MT can be seamlessly integrated into CAT tools such as SDL Trados (2015-2019), Memsource and Matecat

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High Quality Translations

Tilde MT provides fluent, humanlike translations with higher quality and accuracy. World's best machine translation (WMT2017-2019)

Why Tilde MT?

Tilde’s excellence in AI-driven language technologies has been recognised internationally by winning the World Machine Translation competition for three consecutive years (WMT2017, WMT2018, WMT2019). Tilde's neural machine translation provides fluent, humanlike translations with a higher quality and accuracy.

By using the latest cutting- edge AI-driven technologies, Tilde MT produces more fluent, humanlike translations, substantially boosting translation quality and accuracy. Translators review content during the post-editing process, where they can edit and fine-tune the content for readability, accuracy and cultural sensitivity. By using high-quality machine translation, translators are able to provide high-quality content, but in a fraction of the time. Tilde MT for professional translators can be seamlessly integrated into CAT tools such as SDL Trados (2015-2019), Memsource and Matecat. It also features terminology integration which is an integral part of consistent and high-quality translations.  Tilde MT will power you to quickly produce superb quality translations.


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I was very surprised with Tilde’s machine translation. I have been hesitant and almost opposed to adapting this new technology in my daily work, but it actually proved to be very useful and allows me to do more work in the same amount of time."

Professional translator

10 years of experience

Tilde’s MT engines are very high quality, I am very satisfied with the solution. Adapting to post-editing take a bit of time, but it is worth it, because MT helped me expand my translation portfolio." 

Professional Translator 
15 years of experience