Full-service MT platform

To meet the professional needs of translators and localization departments, Tilde offers the full cycle of services required to develop fully customized MT systems. This enables customers to convert their raw data into fully customized, terminology-savvy MT systems for specific language pairs and domains.

Full-service machine translation platform

How can you benefit from our services

Our expert team provides the full cycle of MT services. Leave the work up to us.

Services provided by the Tilde MT team include:

  • Data processing

    The quality of MT systems depends on the quality of data used to build them. Poor quality data means poor quality MT (as the saying goes: "garbage in, garbage out"). To ensure the best MT performance, data must be cleaned and aligned before engine training. That's why Tilde provides you with full data processing services, helping to bring your data quality up to speed.

  • Corpora collection

    The more data you have, the better your MT engines will perform. Of course, we know that corpora collection is a long, arduous process. Many smaller languages and specialized domains don't even have enough readily available data to build high-quality MT systems. That's why Tilde also provides corpora collection services, including data gathering and extraction, to increase the amount of data for building custom MT systems.

  • MT training and tuning

    The raw materials for training MT engines are translation memories (TMs), parallel data, monolingual data, glossaries, terminology sets, and other resources. These "ingredients" must be carefully assembled and balanced to ensure the best results for completed engines. To ensure the correct assembling of corpora, Tilde trains and tunes custom MT engines on its state-of-the-art MT platform. See a list of supported languages

  • Terminology management

    Terminology has traditionally been a stumbling block for statistical MT. Tilde has developed a special solution to overcome this challenge: advanced terminology management and integration. This ensures that terms are always used in the right inflectional forms, taking into account the proper context. By assigning a client-specific term collection for a particular project, users can dynamically tailor their translations at run-time level, boosting accuracy and consistency. Read more

  • Quality estimation

    The more control users have over their MT systems, the better an engine's output will conform to their requirements. In order to enable users to tailor systems to individual projects, Tilde has developed a powerful new Quality Estimation tool. By activating the tool in the CAT tool environment, users can set a QE score—represented as a percentage point—for MT results. This saves translators large amounts of time and effort in the post-editing process.

  • Linguistic tool development

    MT engines that rely solely on statistics for translation results often fall short of expecations. Specific custom modules are often required to give engines a boost in quality (and performance). These modules help address specific linguistic and/or stylistic requirements. Tilde has a wealth of experience in developing sophisticated linguistic tools such as tokenizers, parsers, and morphological analyzers, helping give engines that extra kick.

  • API integration

    To make your high-demand applications multilingual, MT systems must be fully integrated into your workflow. With its comprehensive API, Tilde can integrate custom MT systems into virtually any environment: mobile apps, e-commerce sites, corporate intranet, customer service forums, media monitoring tools. Let Tilde help you reach across language barriers and enable truly multilingual communication.

    Access the Tilde API

  • E-services

    Language technology services are the foundation of robust multilingual solutions, which can enable businesses and governments to reach across language barriers. Tilde offers a range of e-services in several areas: machine translation, terminology, proofreading tools, speech technology, and linguistic tools. Available in our cloud platform, these services can be used by developers – through our APIs – to build new multilingual solutions, supporting languages in the digital age. Access Tilde's e-services

  • Customer support

    The expert team at Tilde provides customers with full support in every aspect of MT. We have a wealth of experience with MT development, integration, and use in high-demand applications. Customer support also includes consultations about MT integration in translation workflows, troubleshooting about CAT tool issues, suggestions about post-editing scenarios, and regular system improvements. Whatever your questions, we're here to help.

Full-service platform for custom MT – robust, mature, and highly scalable.

Convert your raw data into fully customized MT engines for high-demand applications.

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