Transition from e-Gov to i-Gov with Conversational AI solutions

As intelligent chatbots can quickly access public data, they can provide instant answers to questions and help navigating the jungle of information – any channel, any language!

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Conversational AI early birds in the public sector

Intelligent chatbots bring about a new wave of digital transformation in the public sector. Innovative public bodies across Europe have already adopted Conversational AI as part of their transition from e-Gov to i-Gov.

Intelligent virtual agents can improve public service user experiences by facilitating e-services and information accessibility, reducing workloads of customer support staff, dealing with a wide variety of citizen inquiries 24/7, and addressing public information and service accessibility and inclusion challenges.

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Unlocking the full potential of Conversational AI for Government institutions

Public organizations need to consider channels that citizens use in their everyday lives to optimize public e-services, improve communications, and raise awareness of important topics.


Meet user expectations

The general public derives multiple benefits from Conversational AI solutions:

  • Quick and convenient access to public information and e-services
  • User assistance in their native language 24/7
  • Saving time and effort by using on-line services and support

Make information accessible to different social groups

Voice-enabled bots make self-service more accessible to the elderly who may not know how to use or feel comfortable with online messaging services, while millennials may be happy with any communication modality.


Choose AI that speaks your users language

Avoid miscommunication, establish trust, and let people express themselves easily! Tilde has achieved excellence in developing machine learning-based solutions for most European languages, providing the leading text and voice processing solutions for the Baltic languages.

A world of opportunities

A virtual agent interactively engages with your users on their desktop or from a mobile device to provide helpful guidance on various topics:

Public sector


Finding contact information, office location, working hours, and responsible officials



Getting answers to FAQ and standard information requests

Find documents


Gaining multilingual access to laws, regulations, and policies

Fill forms


Filling in application and inquiry forms



Receiving emergency notifications



Securing useful links and information about public events, holidays, and community activities



Conversational AI: Insights


From e-Gov to i-Gov : AI powered public governance in Latvia

A single platform for chat-bot development is available for all governmental bodies and serves as a home for the Latvian public virtual agents.

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Transition from E-gov to I-gov with Conversational Ai

AI-powered bots have become a popular communication channel for different e-services, and this development will remain relevant long after current pandemic.

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Virtual employee who advises 5-6 thousand taxpayers per month on the average

Toms, the virtual assistant of the State Revenue Service, advises Latvian residents on taxation and customs. When on-site visits are impossible, he facilitates smooth running of the Customer Services.

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