The virtual assistant UNA developed by Tilde helps win The International Quality Awards 2018!

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The International Quality Awards 2018

On November 21, The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia was awarded first place in "The International Quality Awards 2018" competition in the category "Innovation through Quality Method" for its outstanding public service performance. One of the significant components of the award winning quality management system is the virtual assistant UNA developed by Tilde

"UNA is the first virtual assistant used by the Latvian government and one of the first in Europe. This victory gives us a global quality standard. Moreover, it shows that public administration in Latvia is becoming more progressive and entrepreneur-friendly," says Guna Paidere, Chief State Notary. 

The virtual assistant UNA, developed by Tilde, helps clients register enterprises, liquidate companies, and check documents, so human customer support can focus on the creative problem-solving that they do best. UNA has already answered more than 31,000 customer questions through the web page and Facebook Messenger.  

"We are proud to be one of the first in the world to introduce AI-supported customer service virtual assistants to serve in public administration. Earning an international award demonstrates that by incorporating intelligent chatbots into an organization's workflow they can achieve a new level of efficiency. We threw ourselves into this project with great enthusiasm.  Our challenge was to develop communication experience with the virtual assistant that is the same as conversing with an Enterprise Register specialist," says Diana Butina, Head of Language Technology Business Development at Tilde. 

The chatbot UNA has been created using the Tilde virtual assistant platform that provides multilingual NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) services for knowledge training. UNA has been trained to understand questions and respond in natural language.  

UNA has also been nominated for the OECD Public Sector Innovation Center (OPSI) 2018 Public Excellence in Innovation (2018). The UNA solution will be evaluated by the OECD at the November Innovation Conference in Paris and the World Government Summit's Edge of Government in February 2019 in Dubai.