Tilde's Neural MT systems win first place in World "MT Olympics"

Machine Translation
Tilde's Neural MT systems place first in World "MT Olympics"

Neural MT systems developed by Tilde's MT team have won first place in the World "MT Olympics," a global competition between language technology providers. The systems utilized Tilde's own cutting-edge approach to Neural MT, which combines AI and machine learning.

Tilde's systems placed first in the "news translation" category for English-Latvian, beating a long list of contenders that included some of the world's top tech companies. Tilde's system for the opposite language pair -- Latvian-English -- tied for first place, sharing the top spot with Google Translate.

Evaluation of all system submitted to the competition was performed by professional translators, who scored the readability and fluency of each translated sentence. Full results of the competition will be compiled and presented at the WMT event in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 7-8.

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