Tilde Launches AI-powered Meeting Assistant with Real-time Multilingual Transcription and Translation

Language technologies
Human having a virtual meeting, using Tilde Meeting Assistant

Tilde Meeting Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that enhances the productivity of multilingual meetings with automatic transcriptions, structured meeting notes, and real-time translations. 

Tilde’s state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology provides multilingual transcription in real time. After the meeting, transcripts are stored in the meeting notes, which capture all the items and ideas discussed at the meeting.

For multilingual meetings an instant translation is provided in a dedicated bar next to the meeting screen. It enables multinational attendees to follow the meeting and engage in discussions irrespective of their language skills. 

In its initial release the app is targeted for the Baltic market and supports languages widely used in this region such as English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and others. New languages and productivity features are on their way to further increase efficiency and language assistance in online meetings.

“The mission of the Tilde Meeting Assistant is to improve institution efficiency and cross-language cooperation with the help of AI technologies. This novel solution is enabled by the smart integration of our latest AI technologies – speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine translation. Tilde Meeting Assistant is a vivid demonstration of how AI empowers multilingual communication, even for smaller European languages,” claims Artūrs Vasiļevskis, Head of Language Technologies in Tilde.

Tilde Meeting Assistant is now available from the Microsoft Teams App Store, calling for early adopters. To become one, please, contact Tilde at meetingassistant@tilde.com to receive your access credentials.


This press release was initially published on Slator.