Tilde demonstrates System for Speech Transcription and Post-editing at INTERSPEECH 2017

Language technologies , Research
INTERSPEECH 2017 Conference, Tilde, speech technology

Last week Tilde participated in INTERSPEECH 2017, the world’s largest conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. At the conference Tilde demonstrated its speech transcription and post-editing tool for Microsoft Word.

Tilde's service performs speaker diarization, automatic speech recognition, and punctuation restoration to produce human-readable transcripts as special Microsoft Word documents that have audio and word alignments embedded. The transcription service can be used for transcription of different meetings, sessions etc. In the demonstration the system was presented for two under-resourced languages – Latvian and Lithuanian – for which Tilde has developed speech recognition technologies, as well as for English mainly to demonstrate that system could be easily adapted and used for other languages.

INTERSPEECH took place in Stockholm, Sweden, from August 20 to August 24. The central theme of INTERSPEECH 2017 was situated interaction. The conference emphasized an interdisciplinary approach and covered all aspects of speech science and technology. In addition to regular oral and poster sessions, the conference also featured plenary talks by internationally renowned experts, tutorials, special sessions, show & tell sessions, and exhibits.