Tilde CEO speaks at Translating Europe Forum in Brussels

Machine Translation
Translating Europe 2016

Tilde's CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs spoke at the Translating Europe Forum in Brussels on October 27-28. The annual event was organized by the European Commission and featured speakers from leading European institutions, major EU corporations, and top European SMEs.

In the presentation, Vasiļjevs spoke about how research and innovation in the field of machine translation continues to expand the range of MT services and raise the level of translation quality. He explained the ways in which the next generation of MT services is putting more power than ever before in the translator’s hands, giving users more control over their MT systems and enabling users to fine-tune MT output to their specific needs.

Vasiļjevs also introduced some of the cutting-edge methods currently being applied to build the next generation of MT engines, such as machine learning, neural networks, semantic analysis, and morphology. These innovative methods will help to usher in the next generation of MT, which will revolutionize the translation industry.

The Translating Europe Forum is a yearly event organised by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission. It brings together translation stakeholders in Europe to discuss topics of common interest such as skills, employability, professionalisation, quality, tools, and to promote cooperation between stakeholders. Its aim is to increase the visibility of the profession and to stimulate dialogue and projects of common interest.