Prime Minister of Latvia learns more about Tilde's language technologies

Machine Translation
Presentation at Demo Center

The new Prime Minister of Latvia, Māris Kučinskis, was introduced to Tilde's work in language technologies during a meeting with IT industry leaders. At the event, on July 20 at the IT Demo Centre in Riga, Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs presented Tilde's work in machine translation, speech recognition, and proofreading tools.

Prime Minister Kučinskis, who took office in February, was particularly interested to hear more about, the public sector's  machine translation service, developed by Tilde, which offers the world's highest quality MT for the Latvian language. The Prime Minster was also shown live demonstrations of a virtual assistant built by Tilde, featuring speech recognition technology and AI, as well as the automated translation tool developed by Tilde for the 2015 EU Presidency.

Kučinskis was also introduced to Tilde's ongoing work on developing an automated translation platform for the European Commission. Tilde is currently working with the European Commission on gathering language resources from all EU Member States, as part of the European Language Resource Coordination Action.