Multilingual Europe - a status update by Tilde's CEO

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Multilingual Europe

A little over a year ago, individuals from across the world showed their support for Multilingual Europe by signing an Open Letter to the European Commission, proclaiming that "Europe's Digital Single Market must be multilingual!" Overall, the letter gathered more than 3 600 signatures and sent waves through the European Commission, spurring policymakers to action. Since that time, much has taken place to further the language community's call for a multilingual Digital Single Market.

In a status update newsletter to the letter's supporters, published this week, Tilde's CEO and the Deputy Chair of the META-NET Executive Board, Andrejs Vasiļjevs, outlined what has taken place in the last year, including the Riga Summit on the Multilingual Digital Single Market; the Digital Assembly in Riga, where multilingualism was a major topic; and the European Commission's ongoing work on an automated translation platform, CEF.AT.

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