memoQ releases new version of Tilde MT plugin

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MemoQ plug-in

The latest release of memoQ, one of the world's most popular computer-assisted translation (CAT) software suites, includes a new and improved version of the Tilde MT plugin, which helps translators to work more efficiently by leveraging the benefits of MT. The new plugin allows memoQ users to access their custom MT systems built on the Tilde MT platform, significantly boosting translation productivity.

The new Tilde MT plugin includes several exciting new features, including:

  • terminology-savyy MT support
  • Quality Estimation (QE) score
  • improved user authentication

With the Tilde MT plugin, memoQ users can not only acquire static translations from their Tilde MT engines, but also dynamically tailor the translations by assigning a specific term collection to be used for a particular project. The users can upload their term collections for different MT engines within the Tilde MT platform. The addition of terminology to MT engines has proven to boost translation accuracy and consistency.

The Tilde MT plugin for memoQ also includes a new Quality Estimation tool. By activating the QE tool, users can set a QE threshold—represented as a percentage point—for machine translation results. MT translation suggestions with a score that falls beneath the indicated percentage point will not be displayed in translation results. This saves the user time in the post-editing process.

Users of the new Tilde MT plug-in will also appreciate the improved, more user-friendly authentication process. To begin using their Tilde MT systems, users simply need to enter their unique Client ID number and then select their MT engine and term collection. The Client ID number can be obtained after securely logging in on the Tilde MT platform, and then select their MT system and term collection.

A leading European language technology company, Tilde develops custom machine translation systems for specific language pairs and domains. Tilde specializes in fully customized, terminology-savvy MT for complex languages like the Nordic, Baltic, Russian, and CEE languages. In order to boost translation accuracy, Tilde MT systems can fully integrate a customer's domain-specific terminology in the right inflectional forms.

Developed by Kilgray, a translation technology vendor based in Hungary, memoQ is the industry's second most popular translation environment. The software integrates translation memory (TM), terminology, and machine translation (MT) tools in desktop, client server, and web application environments. Kilgray currently has eight offices in seven countries: Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, and Poland.

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