"Language Equality in the Digital Age" workshop at the European Parliament features Tilde CEO

Localization , Machine Translation
Language equality

The workshop "Language Equality in the Digital Age -- Towards a Human Language Project" at the European Parliament on January 10 featured a presentation by Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs, entitled Challenges and opportunities posed by Multilingualism in the Digital Single Market. The workshop was chaired by MEP Algirdas Saudargas of Lithuania, who proposed the event along with other MEPs.

At the event, key expert speakers shared their views on the current status and potential of language technologies in a multilingual Europe, as well as on the language divide and how technologies could help reduce the language gap in the DSM. The social implications of unbalanced levels of technology support for European languages were also addressed. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the impact of language technologies in the digital age and their outlook, bringing together European academic scholars and researchers, industry experts and policy-makers.

The MEPs who participated in the workshop included Jill Evans of the UK, Csaba Sogor of Romania, Ádám Kosa of Hungary, and Evžen Tošenovsky of the Czech Republic.

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