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Machine Translation (MT) integration into provides instant site translation

Tilde collaborated with the Latvian Institute to integrate Machine Translation (MT) into to provide instant site translation for foreign residents. The integration enables all visitors to access content in 11 languages - Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, and Romanian. is an informational portal that focusses on foreign residents; however, the Latvian Institute aims to increase their multilingual audience by making it easier for people to access information about Latvia. By collaborating with Tilde, the Latvian Institute integrated Machine Translation into portal enabling real-time website translation. This improves information accessibility for foreign audiences allowing them to browse the site in their native languages.

Vita Timermane-Moora, the head of the Latvian Institute: “Our task is simple, yet complicated – we want to provide comprehensive information about Latvia to all interested parties. Thanks to our collaboration with Tilde, we are now able to reach wider target audiences by giving them access to information in their native languages. We are proud of our language and also want to support other languages. We are very happy that machine translation and artificial intelligence makes it possible to overcome the language barrier and make information accessible to everyone.”

Artūrs Vasiļevskis, Head of Machine Translation Solutions at Tilde: “Adaptation of MT solutions to online platforms allows audiences to access website content in their native languages. With integration of Tilde’s MT, the Latvian Institute is now able to reach multilingual audiences and offer them quality instant site translation in their native languages.”

Tilde’s MT platform features the latest cutting-edge developments in neural machine translation, helping our customers to boost their translation productivity, reach global audiences, and access multilingual information faster and more efficiently than ever. Tilde’s Neural Machine Translation (NTM) technology is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms that are proven to be better than those offered by Google, Microsoft, Bing and many other tech multinationals. Tilde’s expertise has been recognized internationally as it has won the World Machine Translation competition for three consecutive years (WMT2017, WMT2018 and WMT2019). WMT is a competition globally known as the Olympic Games for machine translation.