Tilde has worked on spoken language processing since the late 1990s. In 2005, Tilde and the Latvian Society of the Blind started a project to help visually impaired individuals use computers in Latvian. The architecture of the system covers the traditional text-to-speech (TTStransformation, performing text normalization, grapheme-to-phoneme conversion, prosody generation, and waveform synthesis. The TTS synthesizer is available free of charge for all visually impaired people in Latvia. It is also included in Tilde's products.

For a long time, speech recognition technologies were not available for Latvian, as there was no orthographically annotated speech corpus that could be used for development purposes. Tilde was the world's first company to create a Latvian Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) system. Based on a database of spoken Latvian data, the ASR service is freely available as a web service and integrated in Tilde's products. Tilde continues to work on speech recognition solutions by adapting ASR system for particular domains, and is currently creating a dictation system.