Tilde has developed the market-leading machine translation systems for Baltic languages by integrating statistical and rule-based MT methods, as well as by innovative processing of multiword expressions. Tilde’s research in machine translation has been internationally acknowledged, particularly research in translation of place-names. Tilde’s MT has been used not only for full text translation, but also in cross-lingual search applications.

We have also released a machine translation app for mobile devices, Tilde TranslatorTilde offers use of its machine translation technologies for effective translation of digital content and rapid multilingual information retrieval and high volume data repository management.


Tilde offers:

Expertise in research and development of the technologies and end user products in the field of machine translation for poorly served languages:

  • Unique cloud-based machine translation platform LetsMT for creation, testing, validating, and evaluating the novel methods against agreed benchmarks. 
  • Large multi-domain corpora of parallel and monolingual texts comprising the largest pool of SMT data for smaller languages. All data is aligned, cleaned, and validated to be immediately usable for SMT training.
  • Competence in ‘poorly served languages’ with rich morphology and flexible word order. Tilde can provide language specific tools, components, and language resources for these languages.
  • Rich terminology data in many domains for all EU languages and services (>2.6M manually created terms in 133 term resources and 33 languages).
  • Terminology automation services provided by the TaaS platform for term identification, for crawling the Web and extracting domain specific terms from parallel and comparable corpora, as well as for integration of custom terminology in statistical (e.g., Moses) and rule-based MT.
  • Experience in managing and maintenance of open language resource exchange facility META-SHARE for the Baltic and Nordic region. Existing facility can be used to make use of and contribute to existing platforms and infrastructures for pooling, building, and adding value to language resources and tools.
  • Localization offers a skilled and experienced in-house team of translators to evaluate use situations arising from well-documented market needs. Evaluation in real-world professional translation scenarios by an in-house team of translators for the languages of the Baltic countries and other languages by Tilde’s network of experienced freelancers.