As a leading European language technology company, Tilde can provide the following key enabling services for Big Data analysis:

  • analysis and review of multilingual content from various sources, including customer information
  • cross-lingual content discovery
  • automated translation of multilingual content
  • tools for streamlining the content creation and adaptation process
  • content analytics (i.e., sentiment and semantic analysis) in multiple languages
  • identification of named entities and keywords in multiple languages, allowing for the accurate structuring of data
  • integration of external knowledge sources
  • semantic enrichment (tagging) of textual content
  • and more...

In addition, language technology can ensure these services for consumers:

  • personalisation of content and information in the consumer's own language
  • provision of access to multilingual content (including multimedia) through automated translation
  • engagement with consumers in the user's own language
  • user experience that matches the consumer's personal preferences – including language preferences
  • linking and recommendations for related content across languages and sources
  • and more...

Tools such as machine translation and content analytics are essential for Big Data, helping companies to analyse huge volumes of multilingual content and gain a considerable edge in the global marketplace.