On March 2-3, Tilde will lead two working sessions at the Small Big Data Value Association Summit in The Hague, an associated event of the Dutch Presidency of the EU. The central theme of the summit, which is expected to gather more than 200 participants, is the societal impact of Big Data.


At the event, Tilde's Business Manager Tatjana Gornostaja will lead the working session on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Big Data" and Tilde's CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs will co-lead the session on "Data Analytics and Langage Analytics."

At 9am on March 3, the session on Innovation and Entrepreneurship will discuss, shape, and plan innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Big Data for 2016- 2017 in connection with the BDVA group "SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Big Data," across borders and in collaboration with national and European initiatives.

At 11am on March 3, Tilde's session on Data Analytics and Language Processing will show the interaction between a generic topic (data analytics) and an important domain (language processing). The aim is to show that data analytics techniques can be advanced by language technologies, in order to help Europe overcome the increasingly acute challenge of multilingual data processing.

The Big Data Value Association consists of 24 founding members from Europe's largest corporations, as well as SMEs and industry and research groups. The BDVA aims to present an industry-led contractual counterpart to the European Commission for the implementation of the Big Data Value PPP. A basic principle is openness, transparency, and inclusiveness.

Tilde is proud to be a gold sponsor of the Small Big Data Value Association Summit.

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