Letonika.lv is a digital resource developed and maintained by Tilde. Information is divided into 11 encyclopedic resources, 13 translation and term dictionaries and Latvian language information resources. You can also use any of more than 10,000 images, audio and video materials which are organized by subjects. They include collections of both modern and old pictures, covering cultural and geographical objects of Latvia, tied to the map of Latvia. A pretty new feature of letonika.lv is the online library of Latvian literature consisting of more than 200 full-text work collections.

Letonika.lv is the most popular and widely used portal of local educational content in Latvia. Daily, the resources available in letonika.lv are used in classes of different school curricula subjects — literature, history, natural sciences and foreign languages. For years letonika.lv has been the most frequently used local reference system in public libraries of Latvia.

The easy-to-use search feature allows getting the information you need and work with effectively. The content rendering and search engine is developed specifically for the Latvian language and is adjusted to this content. Anything you need you can find quickly and the results are displayed clearly.

A part of letonika.lv resources is available to anyone free of charge, but some resources can be accessed by a small fee. No special software is needed to access and use the letonika.lv, as it is available from any Internet browser by entering the provided password and/or constant IP connection.

For more information please contact: letonika@tilde.lv.



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