Machine translation is revolutionizing the localization industry. Translators now have access to powerful tools that increase their productivity and help them work more efficiently than ever before. By adding MT to your workflow, you can appreciate all the benefits of machine translation directly in your workspace. Embrace the power of translation technolology -- start today!

BENEFITS of custom Mt

  • Boosts translation productivity by up to 35%
  • Increases profitability by lowering costs for LSPs
  • Easily integrated into the most popular CAT tools
  • Systems can correctly process tags and placeholders
  • Run-time terminology integration, providing significantly higher translation accuracy and consitency
  • Dynamic Learning, i.e., systems automatically improve with post-edits

Read more about the Tilde MT platform

Milengo has been using the Tilde MT platform for just over a year now, and have been greatly impressed with the results we have seen so far. The platform itself is very intuitive to use, and the depth of information available on the MT engine customization process is unparalleled. In some cases, our Tilde MT engines have been outperforming MS Hub engines which have been built using identical data sets, so that is certainly a big feather in the Tilde MT cap! We very much look forward to continuing working with the Tilde MT team in the same fashion.


Deepan Patel
Milengo, MT Solutions Architect