machine Translation workspace

Translate files with your custom MT systems, add term collections to boost accuracy, and evaluate system quality – all in a single online workspace.

full-service mt platform

Convert your raw data into fully customized, terminology savvy MT systems. We provide the full cycle of services for customizing MT.

Build your own Mt systems 

Take full control of your MT systems by building them yourself! Access all the facilities for training MT systems using your data or Tilde’s resources.

Translation Professionals

Boost productivity by adding MT to your workflow

Government institutions 

Ensure access to e-services for all residents and visitors

Enterprise solutions

Communicate with customers in their native language

Academic partnerships

Empower your students by using MT as a classroom tool


Boost your system's accuracy with terminology integration. This ensures that industry-specific terms are translated correctly and consistently.


Don't have enough data? No problem. We can draw from our huge multilingual Data Library to improve your MT system's capabilities.

LETSMT technology

Tilde MT systems are powered by our patented LetsMT technology, developed by a consortium of the world's leading language researchers.

document translation

Translate entire documents with the click of a button. Simply upload or drag/drop a document and a full translation is provides in seconds. It’s that easy.