Have you ever tried custom machine translation? When integrated in a translator’s workflow, custom MT boosts productivity and lowers costs, saving LSPs time and money. Custom MT systems have become an essential tool in the translator’s toolkit.

Best of all, you can now try custom MT for free. Tilde is currently offering a free 30-day trial for custom MT systems, developed with our full-service MT platform. Systems are built using the domain-specific data you provide, in addition to language resources from one of the world's extensive multilingual repositories, Tilde Data Library.

Steps for the free trial

  • Sign up for the 30-day trial
  • Select a language pair and domain in consultation with our MT team
  • Review your available data (translation memories, parallel corpora, monolingual data, glossaries, etc.) *
  • Our team cleans, aligns, and prepares the data for MT training
  • Our team trains, tunes, and evaluates the pilot system with the Tilde MT platform
  • You test the system for 30 days in your CAT tools or our online translation interface

 During the 30-day trial, our MT will provide the following services:

  • Data cleaning, alignment, and preparation for system training
  • Integration of your terminology in the MT system
  • System training, tuning, retraining, and quality evaluation
  • Regular system improvements with additional data and components
  • Development of language-specific linguistic components
  • Full customer support -- by phone, email, or live online webinar
  • Consultations about MT integration in your translation workflow
  • Consultations about using MT in your CAT tools with our plug-ins


 Following the 30-day trial period, the Tilde MT pricing plan will apply


* Data shall be treated as confidential information. In handling data, Tilde shall refrain from disclosing, reproducing, summarizing, or distributing client data.