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In 2016, Tilde developed a set of multiple domain-specific MT systems for IBM. The systems are used by IBM for translating to and from Danish.

Using its MT platform, Tilde was able to boost the quality of the Danish-language systems through the integration of in-domain terminology, which the MT systems are successfully able to translate in the correct inflectional forms. This is a particular challenge – and a pressing need – for complex, highly inflected languages such as the Scandinavian languages.            

In developing the set of MT systems for IBM, Tilde’s MT team also made sure that company-specific named entities (for instance, product and organization names) are recognized and correctly translated by the Danish-language MT systems – a special requirement for many enterprise customers.


A comprehensive machine translation service for the Latvian public sector, enabling multilingualism in the government's e-services.

In 2014, Tilde developed a machine translation service for the Latvian government, called The service provides automatic translation from Latvian to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian. Users can translate texts, documents, and websites. is customized for the Latvian language and specially adapted for public sector documents. Therefore provides much higher translation quality than generic online translation systems.

Via API, the service is fully integrated into public sector platforms and websites, enabling multilingual access to e-gov information and e-services. The service is also integrated into Latvia’s e-services platform, will be Latvia’s contribution to the European Union’s translation infrastructure, CEF.AT.

In September of 2015, was nominated for a World Summit Award prize in the Government and Open Data category. 

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In 2015, Tilde developed a MT service for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The EU Presidency Translator was specially designed for use by international journalists and EU delegates attending official events of the 2015 EU Presidency.


With the translation tool, journalists and delegates could follow EU Presidency events in the Latvian media, read local websites, translate press materials and other news sources not available in English, and access government documents for research purposes.

The EU Presidency Translator provided instant translation of texts, documents, and websites. The translation tool was available as a desktop and mobile app. Two freestanding translation kiosks were set up at the EU Council Presidency headquarters.

This is first time that a machine translation tool was used at such a high-level event to enable multilingual communication. 

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Developers from Tilde worked with Microsoft to create several MT engines for Bing Translator, used by millions of people every day.

Tilde collaborated with Microsoft in the full development of several MT engines. During this collaboration, Tilde’s researchers spent time working at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, in the United States.


The result of their efforts were included in the online Bing Translator service – one of the world’s most popular generic online translation engines. Thanks to the collaboration of Tilde and Microsoft, the translation quality of Bing was able overcome that of Google Translate.

Tilde’s collaboration with Microsoft is credited in Bing’s online interface, which has millions of users a month. Tilde is also a long-standing Microsoft Translator Community Partner.

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To facilitate multilingual communication in Europe, Tilde is helping the European Commission to build a pan-European MT infrastructure.

Known as CEF.AT (Connecting Europe Facility, Automated Translation), the platform will include automated translation systems for all EU languages and multiple domains, which will facilitate multilingual communication and the exchange of documents and other linguistic content in Europe. 


The systems in CEF.AT will be integrated into public online services, such as Europeana, the Open Data Portal, and the Online Dispute Resolution platform. With the help of CEF.AT, Europe will be one step closer towards operating without language barriers

Tilde is collaborating with CEF.AT as a major partner in two large-scale projects: Towards a Multilingual Data and Services Infrastructure (MLi) and the European Language Resource Coordination Action (ELRC)

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The leading desktop proofing software in the Baltic states includes MT systems for all three Baltic languages, with nearly half a million daily users.

Tildes Birojs is the leading desktop proofing software in the Baltic states, with nearly 500 000 daily users in two countries. The software includes grammar and spelling checkers, fonts for a variety of keyboard layouts, and a thesaurus.

The software also features the world’s best machine translation systems for the Baltic languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian. Users can translate words, texts, and full documents in an easy to use interface.

Tilde not only developed the MT systems, but also provides scalable hosting of these engines, accomodating thousands of translations requests per day. 

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To promote the syndication of multilingual news, Tilde developed a set of French-English machine translations engines for the online news site

The engines, tailored to the EU news domain, are employed by EurActiv translators in their CAT tool (XTM) to translate news articles from French to English and vice versa. Translations are carefully post-edited for accuracy and fluency. To date, EurActiv has experienced huge gains in translation productivity thanks to their use of Tilde MT engines.


EurActiv is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU policies. The network provides free localised EU policy news in 12 languages, reaching more than 660,000 readers across Europe and beyond, every month. With 2.8+ million page views and 660,524 unique visitors per month, EurActiv is the leading online media on EU affairs.



Business intelligence relies on an analysis of huge amounts of data from all over the world. To carefully curate this data and make it more accessible to businesses, Graze developed a tool that provides a live stream of content relevant to the user’s business.

Because much of this content is multilingual, Graze asked Tilde to build and integrate MT systems into the platform. The MT systems ensure that users can view instantly translations of news articles, social media posts, discussion forums, blogs, corporate website and other data sets written in multiple languages, providing actionable insights about competitors, topics of interests, and consumer opinions.


For the Graze platform, Tilde built custom MT systems for Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, and French. The systems were specially tailored for the business news domain, ensuring higher translation quality than generic systems. To ensure data confidentiality for users, the systems were installed in-house on Graze infrastructure.

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