March 7, 2016

At the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 7, Tilde stressed the benefits of machine translation for the European Union. The workshop was organized by the European Commission, in partnership with Tilde and the Danish Language Council, as part of the ELRC project.

The aim of the ELRC seminar was to raise awareness about the importance of language resources and data sets for building the CEF.AT (Connecting Europe Facility - Automated Translation) infrastructure. Tilde is aiding the European Commission's efforts by helping to gather language resources from public institutions throughout Northern Europe.

At the seminar, Tilde CEO Andrejs Vasiļjevs presented the aims and goals of the ELRC project, as well as explained to the audience what data is needed to build machine translation engines. He also led the closing discussions at the event, which gathered more than 70 participants.

Tilde's Business Development Manger for machine translation, Rihards Kalniņš, spoke at the seminar about the role of MT for e-government, highlighting two use cases: the development of a MT service for the public sector and for the 2015 EU Presidency.

The European Commission launched the comprehensive European Language Resource Coordination effort in April of 2015. The objective is to identify and gather language and translation data relevant to national public services, administrations, and governmental institutions across all 30 European countries participating in the CEF programme.

All data resources gathered in the initiative will be provided exclusively to the European Commission for use in the CEF Automated Translation platform.

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