November 2, 2015

On November 2, Tilde released a new version of its full-service MT platform. The new version includes several significant features, which meet the business needs of customers and represent the cutting edge of technical innovation in machine translation.

The Tilde MT platform now includes the following additions and improvements:

Quality Evaluation

1) Interactive BLEU 

The new Interactive BLEU tool allows the user to calculate BLEU score and analyse the quality of translations sentence by sentence. Furthermore, users can even compare two different MT tools and see how well they perform for each sentence. This helps users get a clear understanding of possible translation challenges. Click here to read more.

2) BLEU Confidence

The new quality evaluation consist of more informative BLEU score calculation, providing a confidence interval of the score.

Expanded Language Coverage

Tilde MT now has the possibility to support a wide range of languages; the tool can be trained for any language pair without limitations. The languages supported include Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, and many others.

Quality Estimation (QE)

The Tilde MT quality estimation (QE) tool allows users to forecast the output quality of machine translation. With quality estimation, users can avoid lower quality translations – simply choose a quality percentage score, represented by a percentage point, and see only the relevant translation in your CAT tool. The QE tool is currently available in the Tilde MT plug-in for SDL Trados Studio and MateCat, and is coming soon to memoQ and Memsource.

Terminology Support

Users can not only acquire static translations from their Tilde MT engines, but also dynamically tailor the translations by assigning a specific term collection to use for a particular project. The addition of terminology to MT engines has proven to boost translation accuracy and consistency.

General Technical Improvements

The new Tilde MT platform has incorporated several technical translation improvements what will increase the quality of your translation, such as improved translation of dates, better handling of words with capital letters, improved tag handling in TMX, better sentence breaking, and several others.


The new version of the Tilde MT platform is available as of November 2 to all new and existing customers. To sign up for Tilde MT and start enjoy all the benefits of the new platform, please contact Tilde directly:

We're currently offering a free 30-day trial for custom MT systems. Contact us to develop a custom MT system for your language pair, terminology, and domain: