November 13, 2015

The latest release of MateCat, a free online CAT tool, features a new integration with Tilde MT. Translators can now significantly boost their productivity by using fully customized, terminology-savvy MT systems, developed by Tilde for a range of languages and domains, directly in MateCat’s online tool.  

Tilde’s MT plug-in for MateCat offers several brand new features, which showcase the state of the art in translation technology. These include full-service customization of MT systems, run-time terminology integration, and Quality Estimation (QE) scoring.

To meet the needs of translators, Tilde offers the full cycle of services needed to develop custom MT systems: data processing, corpora collection, terminology management, linguistic tool development, engine training and tuning, and quality evaluation. This enables customers to convert raw data into fully customized, terminology-savvy MT systems.

With the Tilde MT plug-in for MateCat, users can not only acquire static translations from their Tilde MT engines, but also dynamically tailor the translations by assigning a specific term collection to use for a particular project. The addition of terminology to MT engines has proven to boost translation accuracy and consistency.

The Tilde MT plug-in also includes a new Quality Estimation tool. By activating the QE tool in MateCat, users can set a QE score—represented as a percentage point—for machine translation results. This saves the user large amounts of time and effort in the post-editing process.

Tilde MT cloud-based systems are available for a low monthly subscription fee, which includes high translation volumes, online customer support, on-demand system improvements, and regular consultations about MT integration in your translation workflow. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial:

MateCat is an enterprise-level, online CAT tool designed to make post-editing and outsourcing easy and to provide a complete set of features to manage and monitor translation projects. Use MateCat online for free:

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Alessandro Cattelan, Product Manager, MateCat

Rihards Kalniņš, Business Development Manager, Tilde