Communication plays a vital role in the public sector. In order to communicate with a wide variety of citizens, translation is essential – particularly in multilingual nations. Human translation, however, is limited in scope, costly, and time consuming. Machine translation enables the public sector to overcome language barriers and ensure multilingual communication with all of its citizens.

Tilde has experience in developing custom machine translation systems for two European governments. Tilde’s e-Gov Solution features a MT system specially trained with a public sector’s specific data, including legislative acts and judicial documents.

Use scenarios

  • Secure translation tool for government employees
  • Large-scale data analysis
  • International media monitoring
  • Integration into e-services
  • Access to cultural information


The MT for e-Gov solution is 100% secure, allowing for the translation of sensitive and confidential data. The system can be hosted in an on-premise appliance or a local public sector server. That way the MT system can be used by any government body or branch of government.

Case Study 

Tilde developed a MT service for the Latvian public sector, The service provides automated translation of texts, full documents, and websites from Latvia to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian.


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In response to our government’s need for multilingual communication, Tilde developed a machine translation system for the Latvian public sector. The system will be seamlessly integrated into e-services and government websites, providing for multilingual content in e-gov. To create the system, Tilde provided the full range of MT services – from domain-specific data collection and system training to the development of customized tools such as an online translation interface and website widgets. The MT system will enable our government to speak the language of all its citizens, as well as empower citizens from across Europe – regarless of their native language – to interact with the Latvian government. This is a major step forward for e-gov, furthering the spread of e-democracy.



Armands Magone
Director, Latvian Cultural Information Systems Center

building a pan-European Automated Translation Infrastructure


Tilde is proud to be part of an ambitious project for Europe, helping the European Commision to build a large-scale automated translation platform. Called CEF.AT, the platform will power automated translation in Europe's public services, breaking down language barriers between nations in 21st century Europe.

Since 2015, Tilde has helped this effort by working to identify and gather language resources from all of the EU Member States, as part of the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) action. We've also organized workshops on language resources and MT throughout Northern Europe. Work will continue throughout 2016 and 2017, so stay tuned for more info!