Multilingualism is the key to success in today’s globalized business environment. The solution for enabling multilingual communication at your organization is machine translation. MT can help you speak the language of your customers with the click of a button -- helping you to communicate in a connected world. 


Companies with specialized translation requirements demand a custom MT solution. Customization provides more accurate, higher quality translation results than generic online systems. Tilde MT systems are tailored to your terminology, your style, and your language. Our special expertise in complex languages will enable fluid communicate with audiences in any country – large or small.



To perform at their best, custom MT systems must also be fully integrated into your workflow. We ensure that MT meets your needs by providing all the tools and facilities for securely integrating MT systems into your applications:

  • websites and mobile apps
  • corporate intranet
  • desktop applications
  • customer service forums and live chats
  • data analysis software
  • e-commerce platforms



  • Provides multilingual content across all your platforms
  • Enables customers to interact with client services in their native language
  • Translates technical documents using company-specific terminology
  • Facilitates internal communication between national offices
  • Analyzes large amounts of data in multiple languages



Unlike generic online translation services such as Google Translate, custom MT systems are 100% secure, allowing for the translation of sensitive and confidential data. The system can be hosted on your own infrastructure -- either as an on-premise appliance or in a private cloud.

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