BDV Small Big Data Summit


Name of Session Lead

    Tatjana Gornostaja



Email address 

Current BDVA Membership Status

    Full member

Name of BDVA Task Force / Subgroup most related to the topic of the session

    TF8 (SG1 Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Big Data)


Title of the session:  

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Objectives of the session:

New data-driven businesses are designed and launched, providing new products and services. A solid and competent support is critical for running new businesses and for entrepreneurial seeds, which are willing to flourish.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe’s economy. SMEs represent 99% of all businesses in Europe and create most of new jobs and provide most of private sector employment in Europe. SMEs in Big Data is a vital segment for the data-driven economy and innovation in Europe.

Format of the session:

The session will be interactive with invited presentations and dedicated short contributions (i.e. position views of max 5 minutes), concluding with a moderated discussion.

CALL FOR POSITION-VIEWS: If you are interested in positioning your view, please send a title and a short description (max 50 words) to the session lead.

Expected outcomes at Summit:

  • Identify topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship for future European calls
  • Gather feedback for next update of the SRIA
  • Raise awareness about entrepreneurs and SMEs in Big Data
  • Views on other topics

Expected outcomes after Summit:

The session will discuss, shape and plan innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Big Data for 2016-2017 in connection with the BDVA group “SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Big Data” and BDV PPP, across borders and in collaboration with national and European initiatives, e.g. Startup Europe, SME week and others.